It's August 1993. Dawn... a truck stop outside of Amarillo Texas. Been driving all night enroute to California. Stopped to get gas, coffee and take a leak.

Headed into the restroom to hit the urinal. After doing business I washed my hands, and rinsed my face when I saw it reflected in the mirror. Poking out the top.

I headed over to investigate.

Inside the the toilet was a giant turd - definitely the largest turd ever taken by a human.

It snaked from the drain hole in the bottom, up the sides of the bowl - about three inches higher than the rim of the bowl.

There was no toilet paper in the bowl and no signs that it had been flushed. Whomever dropped this knew it was a monster... they straddled, dropped and split.

For fun i tried to flush it and it spun around the bowl leavin a skiddy up and around the rim. I took this refusal to break as gospel and left it for others to marvel at.

The Giant Turd.